Hotel Housekeeper and Laundry Worker Research Study

Are you working as a hotel housekeeper or a hotel laundry worker?
Are you 18 years of age and older?

If you answer YES to both questions, you are eligible to participate in a research study about the health of hotel housekeepers and hotel laundry workers, conducted by the University of Michigan School of Nursing.

What’s involved: If you agree to participate in this study, we will…

1) ask you to fill out a questionnaire booklet about your background, and your work;
2) take your blood pressure;
3) measure how you breathe; and
4) take two teaspoons of your blood.

You can receive a gift card of up to $30 each time you meet with us and complete everything that’s involved. You will have the opportunity to meet with us two more times after that for each of which you will receive an additional $30.

Contact: If you are interested please call Marie-Anne at: (734)-647-0146